The mysterious planet Nibiru will crush the earth !!!



NASA has affirmed the presence of the obscure planet X, which concurs with normal components with the legendary planet that is said to one day hit the earth and decimate it, finishing the life of everything on it, by September, It is anticipated that there will be an overshadowing of the sun on 21 August, and some say that this shroud is one of the signs up and coming close to the finish of the planet that will get; as a result of the appearance of that obscure planet named Nibiru as indicated by the legend circling.                   

Nibiru’s name with calamities goes back to 1976, when creator Zacharya Sichin guaranteed that two old civic establishments in the Middle East – the Babylonians and the Sumerians – had known the planet Nibiru, which circles the Sun 3600 years prior, Since that time, many dates have risen that say it is the date of the Nepro hit of the planet, however they were all fanciful dates go without anything happening

So what is reality?

NASA has affirmed the nearness of the obscure planet X in the nearby planetary group, and researchers have confirmation of the nearness of a puzzling planet the extent of Neptune rotates around our sun in a long circle and past the circle of Pluto, The researchers say the planet has a 10-crease mass of Earth, and its circle is around 20 times that of the Neptune circle. Along these lines to finish the planet a full cycle around the sun, it needs from 10 thousand to 20 thousand ground years.

Is the Nibiru planet plot genuine?

NASA has done nothing to explode the paranoid ideas of the obscure planet, and also another planet known as planet 9. In any case, NASA says the planet’s presence is not unsafe, and there is no crash.

A portion of the words about the charged danger to the planet were posted on the NASA site and expressed that: “Our planet has been continuing for billions of years soundly, and the world’s trusted researchers have never perceived any danger”

The past dates for the landing of this planet, which will wreck the Earth in the vicinity of 2003 and 2012, however it went back and forth without anything happening, The report includes that the account of Nibiru, the potential planet that hit the planet started with the Sumerian human advancement, and from that point forward he is advancing toward Earth to wreck it.

This catastrophe was normal in May 2003, and when nothing happened, the date was moved to December 2012, the date otherwise called harmonizing with one of the Mayans’ winter upsets, yet nothing happened at that point in this way, Nibiru and his story are simply tricks of the Internet, and there is no genuine premise to affirm them, In the event that Nibiru would arrive, at any rate we could have followed him over the previous decade, and now he would be unmistakable to us with the stripped eye, as well.

With this, there are still feelings of trepidation by individuals against this planet. Particularly with the nearness of an obscuration of the sun will happen on August 21, so one might say that this shroud will exacerbate the situation. Particularly as half of this planet will witness, when the moon will cover the sun, and diminishing the temperature and afterward the obscurity, Then again – and not surprisingly – some religious gatherings in America have developed to state that this overshadowing is the best proof of the apocalypse, refering to some Bible verses, and some have said that this shroud would stamp the second happening to Christ

NASA was a firm answer, the obscure planet exists. Be that as it may, it doesn’t represent any peril or even risk



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