Exclusive Information About Several Close Encounters With UFOS


Zvonimir Jurjevic, former head of the Air Force and Air Defense of Yugoslavia, revealed to the “Sputnik” media exclusive information about several close encounters with UFOS.

He was reported to have made an observation in January 1975 when he was in the middle of the night over the Balkans in his MiG.

“The object resembled a luminous sphere, well visible, which was, perhaps, about ten times brighter than the most scintillating star at that time. Its color varied constantly: white, yellow, light red, orange, again white, and so on. He came out of nowhere, very suddenly. He deliberately drew attention to himself.

He made other observations of this type and each time the unidentified object appeared 50 minutes after the aircraft took off.

According to Mr.Jurjevic, it happened that he and other pilots were ordered to take off four planes while remaining silent radio to ensure that they were not spies of states And there was no leakage on the flight plans.

It was then that the spherical object appeared without the radar installed on the island of Prevlaka detecting it. Nevertheless, he was caught by radars at the arrival of two Russian MIGs, who launched in pursuit, but without success.

According to Sputnik’s interlocutor, the nature of this object has never been determined. The last time the Yugoslav military saw him was on 12 February 1975.



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