The Chinese Project JINAN-PROJECT


 Who is not aware of the case of Edward Snowden, the first hacker on the list of internationally wanted and former employee in the US intelligence, which stirred up a fuss and influence the international relations of national security and political, especially between China and the States
United States, leaked and revealed the existence of a US government secret program allows monitoring of communications and the Internet, but the program “Prism” of the National Security Agency
Which not only leaked documents leaked to the United States with its foreign allies, but also provoked internal reactions also serious.
Since then, all countries have been working to fortify their information either by developing systems of protection or cutting with the global Internet in full or codified, but China has taken another road.

China has successfully developed the world’s most successful technology, the JINAN-PROJECT, to become the most sophisticated technology, which is an unmatched achievement to give the country a leading edge in this field.
Where it plans to launch the green light for the launch of the project, the first computer network in the world does not penetrate, yes does not penetrate. Secure 100 hackers, we will soon see the end of information piracy by mathematical algorithms and physical laws and quantitative in particular.

Based on optical fiber technology, using quantitative cryptographic keys and highly complex mathematical algorithms, providing a structure that protects China’s political, political, military, and financial data from espionage and theft.
It is advantageous that if then tampering with the system and caused something to tamper with the information transferred will be destroyed automatically or the process of jamming immediately with instantaneous monitoring of information.

China plans to distribute the system’s branches throughout the world, using it for national defense, trade and investment, BIG DATA, and many other fields.
With this technological foresight, China is the first country to pioneer quantum technology and is actually applied to both public and private purposes.
Which gives it a strong impetus and a decisive factor, that is, it will be the first country to develop an ultra-supercomputer supercomputer.



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