Create New Clothes That Grow With Children



A collection of origami-inspired children’s clothing has won the famous James Dyson Award, made of folded fabric that can be extended to babies and young children.

This type of clothing was invented by the young man “Ryan Yassin”, who benefited from some of the scientific principles he studied in the field of aviation in the development of clothes that can grow with wearers to suit him at all ages, saying that he thought about this because of the speed at which children grow up , Which leads to the consumption of clothing significantly.
Clothing grown with children

The graduate student in London aims to develop Petit Pli, the world’s most advanced children’s clothing, made of lightweight, folded fabric that can be washed and recycled. The developer said that most children grow and move between seven different sizes in the first two years, The clothes produced by the children are three years old, and this huge production of clothing puts great pressure on the environment through waste, water consumption and carbon emissions, so there was a need to create clothes that could grow to fit the baby at different stages.
Clothing developer

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the young man aims to combine technology and textiles in order to design durable clothing.



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