Cristiano Ronaldo Leave His Team !!!



Real Madrid striker Florentino Perez has confirmed that Welsh striker Gareth Bell is one of the great players and that he will not leave the team, that there are no official offers to sign him until now, and also that the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo striker Mirringi does not have any Intention to leave the team.

Real Madrid president Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players of the team, and he is very happy to be in the royal squad and has no intention of leaving, Real Madrid president said in a press interview with Spanish radio Cadena Ser.

“I’m not talking about anyone’s salary, but Ronaldo is the best player in the world, regardless of the salaries of others,” Perez said of Ronaldo’s complaint.

“I do not know what happened with Cristiano Ronaldo, but I knew about his crisis with taxes through the press, and naturally he was angry about that case,” said the head of the Royal team.

“I have information that Cristiano Ronaldo has not committed a crime, which is confirmed by his lawyer, who is considered one of the best lawyers in Spain,” he said, stressing that Ronaldo did not want to leave Real Madrid and told him that in the best team in the world, That was in Monaco.

“We live in a time we have not lived in for a long time, and I think Zidane is the reason,” he said.

The head of the royal team said he never complained to the referees, but he believed that arbitration could be improved because it sometimes did not amount to the greatness of the Clasico, and what he really said was that they were lucky in Spain with teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona.

“I think some have spoken to Asencio for signing with him but he has a penalty clause in billions and he is happy here,” Florentino Perez said.

“I did not know anything about him. I was not invited to Messi’s wedding,” said the head of the Royal team.

“Mbabi went to Paris Saint-Germain because I do not know the right time to bring in a big player that could hurt economic stability,” Perez said of the transfer of Stade Germain to Paris Saint-Germain.

“There were contacts with Mbabi, but he chose to go to Paris Saint-Germain because he was born in Paris, which is good for him to continue there,” he said. “In the coming days we will announce all the renewals, , He came at a young age and improved his performance and reached what we expected him, he is still 25 years old. ”

The Real Madrid president refused to comment on Barcelona defender Gerard Pique’s comments, which offended the royal team, stressing that there were plenty of media outlets and many people who spend every day talking about Miringi.

“We are in a good period with a great coach and fantastic players, Santiago Bernabeu is the originator and I am satisfied with what he has built,” concluded the head of the Royal team.





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