Major Leagues Before the Return of Competitions



The top five European leagues are back again after the end of the international stoppage period in which the players participated in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. The following report highlights the Big 5 figures in the first round of the season.

Premier League

Manchester United have 9 points, followed by 4 clubs with seven points, Liverpool, Manchester City, West Bromwich Albion, Huddersfield Town after 3 rounds.

Top Scorer:
Liverpool’s Sadio Mani, Manchester United striker Romilo Lucaco, leads the scoring so far with 3 goals each.

Highlights of the next round:

Manchester City vs Liverpool – 1:30 pm Saturday
Leicester City x Chelsea – 4th Saturday afternoon

Stoke City “Ramadan Sobhy” Manchester United – 6:30 pm Saturday

La Liga

3 clubs have the same score of “Barcelona, Real Sociedad, Legianis” with 6 each after two rounds.

Top Scorer:
8 players have scored two goals so far, most notably Argentine star Lionel Messi, Marco Ascencio, and Angel Korea.

Highlights of the next round:

Real Madrid vs Levante – one on Saturday afternoon
Valencia vs Atletico Madrid – fourth and quarter of the afternoon

Barcelona vs Espanyol – ninth only quarter of the evening Saturday

                                           Barcelona team

Italian Leauge

5 clubs in the lead with 6 points each after two rounds, “Juventus, Milan, Inter Milan, Napoli, and Sampdoria.”

Top Scorer:
Mauro Icardi, Paolo Debala is the top scorer with 4 goals each.

Highlights of the next round:

Juventus vs Chievo Verona – 6 pm Saturday
Lazio vs Milan – the third Sunday afternoon

                                      Paolo Debala


The four clubs share the table with 6 points: Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munich, Hamburg and Hanover.

Top Scorer:
Polish striker Robert Lefandovski is on the Bundesliga top scorer with 3 goals.

Highlights of the next round:

Freiburg x Borussia Dortmund – 3rd and a half Saturday afternoon

Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich – 6:30 pm Saturday


French league

The Paris Saint-Germain and Monaco teams lead 12 points each after 4 rounds.

Top Scorer:
Rademel Falcao is the top scorer with seven goals.

Highlights of the next round:

Metz × Paris Saint Germain – ninth only quarter of a Friday evening
Nice Monaco – 5 pm Saturday



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