secret Weapon Of Ronaldo



British doctor Nick Littlehalles has discovered the secret weapon used by Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo to improve his performance.

The Portuguese doctor has confirmed that the Portuguese star is using a new way of sleeping to improve his performance, despite his involvement in important legal problems, notably his alleged tax irregularities with the Spanish government, the Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported.


The doctor confirmed that the Real Madrid striker had “secret weapons” to improve performance during the day since December 2013, when he signed with the “Dream Coach”, which helps the elite athletes to sleep deeply, which makes them increase their activity in training courses.

The British doctor noted that he devised the method followed by Ronaldo, and recommended to sleep five times for 90 minutes on daytime sessions, in addition, an hour and a half before the usual time of sleep, instead of sleeping eight hours traditional straight at night.

“Cristiano Ronaldo turns off his cell phone and other electronic devices such as laptops, televisions or any other screen and goes to sleep according to the specific dream coach program,” said Littielhaes.

Litalhales said he met Ronaldo when Carlo Ancelotti, who was in charge of Real Madrid in 2013, called on him to continue talking to him about sleep training and dreams. He noted that he had been practicing all day and asked him to explain how the programs , And then contracted with him afterwards.

The doctor confirmed that Ronaldo does not care about the diet because he does not want to imitate others.





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