An old creature discovered in Antarctica


Is life alive under Antarctic ice?
A team of scientists during an expedition on the Whitecontinent has discovered an extraordinary creature, similar in size to a shrimp.
Following the discovery, the scientific community was astonished because the creature seems to belong to an unknown species, forcing them to review some theories about the existence of life forms that can evolve into extremely hostile environments. The images allow you to observe a seven-inch long creature with a powerful jaw covering all that seems to be the head, in which there are four kinds of sharp tangles.

The discovery is added to an increasing list of animals not yet recognized by science and whose appearance in the eyes of man has multiplied in the last ten years. It is expected that after the release of the news from biologists, further research will be carried out on the species to which the animal found in Antarctica belongs and to which other marine species it may be related.



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