Scientists Discover the Second Planet Earth Lives on Aliens



Astronomers have announced that they have discovered a new planet with Earth-like characteristics in terms of size and circumstance, which greatly enhances the possibility that human-like space creatures may live on that planet.

The discovery of the new planet comes after scientists spent decades searching for other planets other than Earth, searching for living creatures and living beings in space.

The scientists called the new planet Kepler 186p, which is 490 light years away from the planet. The first information from there shows that there is water on the planet’s surface and that the planet’s size is only 10% Which means that strange alien creatures may be alive there, but do not connect them to Earth.

The discovery was made possible by a team of astronomers from the US space agency NASA led by Elissa Quintana, a researcher at SETI.

The institute, which has the most advanced telescopes in the world, has observed many planets and stars in space, but this is the first time a planet has been discovered with such a viable specimen, greatly enhancing the hypothesis of alien creatures in space.

According to the research team, the planet (Kepler-186f) represents a major and important milestone in the discovery of planets in space.

The area where the new planet was discovered is what astronomers call the “viable zone”, or sometimes called the “temperate zone,” a group of regions where the temperature is as mild and life-enabling as the planet is, Do not harm the water, ie it does not lead to boiling or freezing.

The planet is located in the center of the “viable zone” of the solar system, while the other planets are either farther from the earth than the sun and thus too cold, or closer to the sun and thus reach boiling.

The scientists have already discovered planets in a viable area outside the solar system, but this is the first time that a planet with these characteristics has been detected with a size identical to that of the Earth, says the Daily Mail, which published a report on the new planet.

“Let’s take the planet as an example, water is vital for life,” Dr. Steve Howell, one of the researchers who led the research team, told the paper. “The possibility of water on the new planet is very important.

“The Kepler 186p represents the first real opportunity to search for extraterrestrial creatures.”

“There is a slight difference between the planet and Kepler, since the latter needs only 130 days to complete its orbit around the star,” which represents the center of the group in orbit, meaning that one year on the new planet is only 130 days and not as Earth 365 Days.



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