Do You Want to Travel to Mars?



Elon Mask, CEO of SpaceX, delivered a speech at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico, last year, detailing his vision of sending humans into space. The letter was now published as a 15-page article in the current issue of New Space magazine. Mask focused on affordability as a key factor in ensuring Mars colonization. “You can not create a self-sustaining civilization if the ticket price is 10 billion dollars Per person. “He thinks the right cost should be about $ 200,000, the equivalent of the average home price in the United States.

Determine the steps he deems necessary to ensure that the cost of this trip is relatively high, and the development of the means of transport to be fully reused is the first step initiated by SpaceX. The company has already proven the reliability of its reused rockets, including recently the possibility of re-use of the spacecraft «Dragon». Fuel is another major factor in cost control, the provision of any vehicle with additional fuel will increase the weight of the vehicle a lot, so proposed Mask use of methane produced on Mars Enabling the direct supply of fuel to the vehicles.

Plan for many planets

Many experts believe that we must work to achieve the goal of transferring our human species to several planets to ensure its survival. The mascot’s plans to move humans to Mars may be the first step towards achieving this goal. The timing of the Mars project and Hamas is in full swing at the right time, according to Stephen Hawking, who predicted the time remaining on Earth only 100 years ago.

Mars colonization is one of the many possibilities available to us in space. The extraction of minerals from space helps reduce the depletion of Earth’s resources and the ability to create products that can be manufactured on our planet.

We are at the crossroads of human history thanks to the space race that began in the middle of the 20th century and which will bring tremendous changes to humanity.



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