Discover the Cause of the Extinction of Dinosaurs



It is known that the collision of the culprit with the catastrophic surface of the earth was the cause of the “extinction of dinosaurs,” Is it caused? Astronomers have discovered that our sun may have a “wicked” twin, assuming one hypothesis: the return of the evil twin called Nemesis every 27 million years to spread havoc and disturbance in the solar system. Astronomers believe that it is responsible for firing many meteorites into the Earth as it crosses the outer limits of our system Solar system.

Scientists have concluded that most of the stars forming a star at least resemble them. “We had a series of statistical models to see if we could count the relative number of single and double adult stars in the molecular cloud of the Ghoul head,” said astronomer Stephen Sturler at the University of California, Berkeley, USA. “The only model we could produce was that of star formation Bilateral from the beginning »

These results can be harnessed to understand how stars form, and navigating how to keep those stars away from each other will help to better understand why the universe is what it is. “Our research is a step forward in understanding the formation of binary stars and discovering the role these stars play in early star evolution,” Streler said. “These results may also lead to a better understanding of how galaxies form.




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