Was President Kennedy Assassinated for his Interest in UFOs?


A confidential memo showed that the late US president (John F. Kennedy) asked for files on
UFOs. It was a message that was not disclosed at the time
And wrote to the CIA chief including his request for disclosure
For sensitive files related to objects UFO before the assassination b
10 days ! It should be noted that the assassination of President Kennedy and his death occurred in 22
November 1963 in Dallas, Texas, sitting with his wife
(Jacqueline) in an open car in a celebratory procession.

This secret memo is one of two books written by Kennedy
Which contained information about the Mawrayat, and on November 12, 1963, he was released
The secret notes are for the first time where the writer (William Leicester) says that
The CIA handed him those documents under the Freedom Act
And after he made a request in the midst of his preoccupation with the research to prepare his new book
Entitled “Celebrating Freedom: Kennedy and the New Horizon”.

The president’s interest in flying objects appears to be unknown shortly before his death
Came to give conspiracy theories about his assassination, according to AOL News.

A researcher in external creatures says that the last documents that were edited to Mr
(Leicester) by the CIA adds weight to the allegations
Says that the US president was shot dead to prevent him from discovering facts about
UFO flying objects.

In one of the two documents that were released under the Freedom Act
Information President Kennedy wrote to the director of the CIA
While in the other document he wrote to the director of the US space agency NASA
President Kennedy expressed his desire to cooperate with the former Soviet Union
Mutual activities in outer space.

As we have mentioned, documents classified under the Freedom of Information Act have been released
Professor William Leicester as part of the research for his new book on President Kennedy.

Leicester attributes the president’s interest in the phenomena of flying objects
For fear of the deterioration of relations with the former Soviet Union or the evolution of things to
A trend whose repercussions are not borne by world peace.

“Correct me,” says Leicester in his interview with AOL News.
Just a few days before his death he had written to the CIA to enable him
Access their files around unknown flying objects, “and continues:” It was
Worried about the frequent sightings of unidentified flying objects in the skies of the Soviet Union
, And more concerned about the misinterpretation of these views of the Soviets as an attack
American, and technology was our own. “

“I think it’s one of the reasons he wanted to get this information
To remove the suspicion of the US space agency in a way that enables him to say to the Soviets:
Look, this is not us, we have not done it and we have not provoked you. “

But conspiracy theories say these documents have added new interest to the files
Disputed, especially that investigating the phenomena of unidentified flying objects (UFO)
He allegedly received a document in the 1990s and is known as the Scorched Memorandum.

Where the document with the signs of burning was allegedly sent to the Elovo fisherman
(Timothy Cooper) in 1999 by a source who leaked it from the CIA
Central is not to be verified.

In a note attached and sent with the memo says that the squadron had worked with the agency
CIA between 1960 and 1974 and that he withdrew the memo before it was invented
Flames where the CIA was burning the most sensitive files.

This note, which contains no date, contains a reference to Lancer, a secret code
Symbolizes the president (Kennedy) on the front page where he wrote the director of the intelligence agency
Central: “As you should know, (Lancer) asked for some related inquiries
With our activities this is what we will not allow, please submit all views on the date
By the end of October, doing so is critical to the sustainability of the group. ”

The “Scorched Memo” was moved to the current owner who had bought it from
(Timothy Cooper) in 2001 told AOL News Network: “That document
It turns out that (John F. Kennedy) asked questions about flying objects unknown and that agency
The Central Intelligence Agency repelled him. “

Says Robert Wood, an investigator with unidentified flying objects (UFOs) who tested a substance
The paper on which the document is printed, the age of the paper ink and the font form (the font)
And other signs: “I have appointed a company specializing in forensic science to verify age
Ink and other things to know the date of the paper are the same techniques that you use
Court usually for law enforcement “.





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