How to cook Meat with Vegetables


One of the recipes for meat is a variety of meat recipes, vegetables and easy recipe, such as chicken and grilled chicken, and is one of the healthy food because it contains protein and vegetables.

Food Information
Calories: 383
Fat (n): 27
Cholesterol (mg): 103
Carbohydrates (N): 31
Proteins (N): 15

  • Preparation time: 30 minutes
  • Cooking time: 60 minutes
  • Number of meals: 4

Preparation :
   _ 3 cups rice
   _ 1 kilo meat
   _ The onions are large and minced
   _ Suspended saffron
   _ 1 Lome
   _ 2 tbsp oil
   _ Spoon ginger
   _ 1 large potato cubes
   _ Half a cup of peas
   _ 100 g grated islands
   _ Spices
   _ salt
   _ pepper

For decoration: roasted nuts (almonds and nuts)

How to prepare meat and vegetables :
In a non-stick bowl, heat the oil, then stir the onion and stir until it turns golden
Add the meat, salt and pepper, stir and stir the meat so well that it is fairly mature
Potato, Peas, Carrot, and Flake Islanders
4 cups water and leave the pot on the fire until boiling
Place the washed and drained rice, place the saffron on the face, wait until the water boils, then cool the fire, cover the container and leave until the full maturity of all the ingredients. Rice, meat and vegetables
When serving, toss the bowl upside down with a saucer and stir it with roasted nuts.





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