A Child with Swollen eyes Resembling Aliens


A child died with swollen eyes after his birth. Local residents in India described him as a “space creature”.

The boy was born with red eyes and two nostrils at his home in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday, when she was surprised when she saw her second child for the first time.

She said the boy had huge red eyes, flat nose and no ears. She added that she put her baby late at night and was excited to see him, but she did not believe her eyes when she saw his face.

The mother said she could not feed him because he was staring at her, and tried to breastfeed milk when the villagers came to the family home to see him thinking he was a space object.
She explained that the child was fine, but did not wake up the next morning, did not move, and was unable to transfer him to the hospital.

The father said he was thrilled to have a boy but his joy turned to grief when he saw his face.


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