Aliens do not want the Riches of the Earth


In a new book, American physicist Jim Khalili deals with different perceptions of space objects that are very different from those in science fiction and some specialized books.

In his book, “Space Creatures: Pioneers of Scientists in the Search for Life Outside the Earth,” Khalili refutes all the terrifying rumors and myths about space creatures in horror films, which describe astronomers as strange and evil creatures, often enmity with the inhabitants of the earth.

“One of the horror stories is that space creatures are capable of eating humans, but in fact all those rumors are untrue. According to space scientist Luis Dartnell, objects of space objects are unable to digest the substances in our bodies,” he said.

In his description of the form of space creatures, al-Khalili cited in his book the views of the expert in the field of neuroscience and functions, Enel Set, who said that “space creatures can not be similar to humans, differences in our forms more than differences between us and the octopuses, for example.”

The aspirations of space objects and their ambitions in the Earth denied the American world the film’s aim to capture these beings on the planet in order to control its natural resources of water and minerals.

“Most of the earth’s mineral deposits lie deep in the ground, not on the surface. In the case of space creatures, it is easier for them to extract those minerals from other asteroids than from our planet. As for water, Jupiter’s satellites contain large amounts of them, Our planet. “


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