Treatment for Dry Skin



The dry skin problem is a nagging problem for women, especially in the winter or for those who suffer from the fact that their skin dry type, but fortunately you can overcome this problem through many effective ways, including eating certain types of food can help you overcome the drought Your skin, here are the best types of food to treat dry skin problems:

Celery is one of the types of vegetables that contain silica, which is important to increase the youth and softness of the skin and the removal of toxins from them.

Aging leads to skin weakness and dehydration. Flaxseeds are characterized by the availability of proteins and omega required for moisturizing the skin.

The choice of foods that contain a lot of water, making it an ideal option to moisturize the skin and rejuvenate and freshness.

Grapefruit is characterized by beta-carotene and vitamin C, which also helps to dry the skin

Salmon is known to be one of the most important sources of omega-3, the essential ingredient for collagen, as well as maintaining skin moisture and freshness.

The nuts are one of the best sources to get fat and saturated fat of any health, as it works to provide the necessary moisture for your skin as well as the renewal of their cells and freshness.

Banana and cocoa give your skin smoothness and natural freshness due to vitamin B6, B12 and potassium contained in bananas. Cocoa is rich in antioxidants that protect skin and skin.

Yogurt is one of the best moisturizers that can be used for dry skin because of its richness in fats and acids needed by the skin.



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