Ways to Get Rid of the Fats Stuck in the Walls of your Kitchen

The clean kitchen helps you create different types of food, and gives you the greatest incentive to rest, so most of the problems with kitchen hygiene are due to the fat that builds up on walls, walls, and difficulty. Get rid of her.

Here we offer very easy ways to help you get rid of those
fats to you:

   – Fill with warm water and add the powders that you use to wash and clean the walls. Add two cups of vinegar. Place the wall mats in the mix, wash the walls in circular movements and then wash them with water.
You can also use the baking soda mixture. Yes. Dip the sponge into the baking soda and rub the sticky fat. Then add the baking soda to the lukewarm water and soap, wash the walls well and then clean with lukewarm water.
Also, take care to get rid of the dust from day to day so as not to cause a greater problem when mixed with fat.


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