Can we Build a Dorsal Hole?

This is what scientists say the worm holes (the shortened methods assumed in the spacetime sequence) The theory of these holes has been developed to allow all objects to travel through time by the spindle speed of the spacecraft.

Now, scientists suggest that we can actually create a kind of wormhole using the interesting metamaterials that have excited everyone lately.

A paper published on arXiv, an unpublished scientific archive of papers, discusses the following possibility: We describe new configurations of electromagnetism variables, electrically permitting, allowing the creation of objects of superconducting materials acting as invisible tubes.

These tubes allow the electromagnetic wave to advance between two points, but these tubes, along with the areas they contain, can not be detected by electromagnetic monitoring.

These devices act as worm holes for Maxwell’s equations and effectively alter the structure of the space visa, thus changing the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

We propose several applications for these tubes, including devices acting as a unipolar virtual magnet.

Well, before you do all of them, you who want to travel through time, you should know that the applications proposed by researchers are much more modest than intergalactic jumping: to mention some, optical cables, optical computers, 3D video … This scientific paper has not yet been approved for publication, so we have to wait to see if it will pass the scrutiny.

But, as the readers of the DANGER ROOM know, the field of supernatural materials is already in the field of science and has made great progress (partly thanks to DARPA), and we have some hope that we can reach the “cloak” (I think we lack some methods To get to).

Many applications are still theoretical (and perhaps fanciful), and may not be successful, but no harm to think about the possibilities available.


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