The Most Expensive 15 Articles in the World



Gold is a very expensive item, but there are many things worth more than weighing gold; ranging from foods to creams to precious stones to other things can not be appreciated by the average person, here is a list of the 15 most valuable substances found in the world:

15- White Truffles

Price: $ 5 per gram or $ 2,000 per pound.
Uses: Peanuts can be peeled on noodles, meat, eggs and rice, soaked in oil and sprinkled on almost anything.

14- Saffron

Price: $ 11.13 per gram or $ 5040 per pound.
Uses: Saffron is a flowering plant that can be used in natural treatments for everything from depression to menstrual cycles.

13- Iranian Beluga Caviar

Price: $ 35 per gram or $ 1000 per ounce.
Its uses: Also known as “Almas diamonds” and precious fish are eaten these small pieces cool as appetizers and on chips or unsalted bread.

12- Gold

Price: 41.57 dollars per gram.
Uses: In addition to its use in antique jewelry and metals, it can be used in electrode conductors for corrosion.

11 – Rhodium

Price: $ 45 per gram or $ 1270 per ounce.
Uses: Most uses of rhodium in three-way catalytic converter; to reduce carbon emissions in the car.

10- Platinum

Price: $ 48 per gram or 1365 oz.
Uses: Platinum can be used as a catalyst in scientific experiments, as worn jewelry, and is also taken in anti-cancer drugs.

9- Rhino Horn

Price: $ 55 per gram or $ 25 thousand per pound.
Uses: It is rumored that the precious canine is used in Vietnam to treat cancer, and is supposed to be used in medical applications such as fever and other diseases.

8- Cream of sea

Price: $ 70 per gram or $ 2000 per ounce.
His uses: This miracle cream is painted daily to maintain a permanent youth.

7- Plutonium

Price: about $ 4000 per gram.
Uses: For nuclear purposes. There are two types of plutonium that can be used both for military purposes and nuclear reactors.

6- Taaffeite

Price: anywhere from $ 2500 to $ 20,000 per carat.
Uses: It is believed to be a gem in a purple color, and a rarer million times more precious than diamonds. They are weak enough to be used in jewelry, but if you are lucky enough to find a stone, do not let it slip out of your hand.

5- Tritium

Price: 30 thousand dollars per gram.
Uses: Tritium was used in self-lighting exit signs used in theaters, schools and office buildings. There are more than 2 million EXIT signs containing tritium in the United States.

4- Diamonds

Price: Colorless, may cost more than 65 thousand dollars per gram or 13 thousand dollars per carat.
Uses: engagement rings.


3- Painite

Price: 300 thousand dollars per gram or up to 60 thousand dollars per carat.
Uses: It is one of the rarest mineral gemstones, and can be used in crystal therapy or just beautiful collections.

2- Californium 252

Price: $ 17 million per gram.
Uses: Calvinium isotopes are used in devices looking for oil and water layers in oil wells.

1- Antimatter

Price: $ 100 trillion per gram.
Uses: Antimatter may be used as fuel for spacecraft destined for planets or possibly stars in the coming years.


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