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In the world of body building, the idea is that building stronger muscles requires heavier weights, but a series of recent research that began in 2010 has shown results that challenge this idea, proving that lifting lighter weights more frequently equates to the efficiency of lifting heavier weights with less repetitions. In both cases, the lightness of the weights or weight is of little importance as long as the muscle reaches the stage of exhaustion in both cases.

The study sample was divided into two groups of men who were experienced in weight lifting. They underwent a full-body training regimen for 12 weeks. One group was asked to lift light weights equivalent to 50% of their maximum muscle strength, with a frequency of 20-25. The second is to raise heavier weights, equivalent to 90% of their maximum strength, with fewer repetitions ranging from 8-12, and each group must continue the exercise until it reaches the level of complete muscle fatigue, that is to raise weights to the extent that it does not return The muscle is capable of performing any additional repetition, at this point it is on both Two groups try to activate their muscle fibers for power generation.

After muscle examination and analysis of blood samples, the researchers found a match in the amounts that represent a major criterion for measuring the strength of the two groups, the muscle mass and the size of muscle fibers, and the search came out another important result is that the muscle strength and muscle growth do not rely on testosterone or growth hormone, Which is attributed to many people the responsibility of muscle gain size or strength, that is, considering the temporary rise of testosterone or growth hormone of the causes of muscle growth is purely fallacy, and the time has come to modify them.

Although researchers do not think the sports elite will accept this system, they stress how effective it is in gaining strength and improving health. For beginners who want to increase their strength, they can now relax themselves from heavy weights without making a tradeoff at their expense. Muscle.

However, researchers still have more to know about this area, and more studies to be done. For example, a linear correction should be made to find out what mechanisms are behind these results and what categories apply to them.

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