In December 2017 Aliens Will Attack Earth

UFOs and adherents of conspiracy theory always admit the possibility of an alien invasion. After the last threat they warned, was it not clear whether we should laugh or cry, or maybe the time has come to prepare? According to the group of ufologists, who have detected a large number of celestial bodies approaching our planet, the aliens who will land on Earth will attack it in December 2017.
According to them a part of these objects, classified as an extraterrestrial fleet changed its trajectory.
They classify this as a strategy to deceive, because the other objects continue to approach the Earth. Adepts of conspiracy theory have already noticed the size of objects, the area of the largest of them can measure up to 4 thousand square meters. The other ships also have large dimensions. Several ufologists assume that the aliens plan to disembark and begin their offensive in Russia.

UFO logists are based on the fact that the earliest visiting aliens from Earth landed in the region of Yakutia, Russia and this place is familiar to them.



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