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Aviation Schools

Aviation schools offer training for a variety of exciting careers in the aviation industry. Whether you want to pursue a career as an aircraft pilot, an aircraft electronics specialist, an air traffic controller, or some other specialty, there are a range of postsecondary schools to choose from, both on college campuses, and online. When you've completed your training, you'll be ready to enter a growing job market in a thriving industry - and you'll also be in line for a career that promises to be financially rewarding.

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Online aviation colleges allow you to complete your classroom time when it's convenient for you, so you can keep your present job or look after other commitments while you study. Where hands-on experience is required, as it is in flight training and certain other disciplines, the best aviation schools allow you to arrange for this time in your own area, so you don't have to travel long distances to complete your degree.

Internet research is an excellent way to find aviation training opportunities. Most established colleges and universities have web sites and online aviation colleges are sure to have lots of information posted online. When you have visited a few websites and understand the choices available, you can narrow your search by requesting information from the aviation schools that most appeal to you. You'll be able to whittle your choices down to just a few before you begin sending applications.

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Will you undertake aviation training to become an aircraft mechanic, diagnosing problems in aircraft systems, repairing aircraft components, and installing new technology? Graduates of aviation schools in this profession earn more than $45,000 US annually and there are thousands of job openings across the United States every year. Of course candidates who have attended aviation colleges are often preferred to those with lesser qualifications. Employees holding degrees also command higher salaries.

Aviation training for other careers can lead to equally satisfying employment. You might become a flight dispatcher, earning between $25,000 and $49,000 yearly, or an air traffic controller, earning $21,000 to $83,000. Aviations schools offer programs in aircraft electronics, aviation administration, commercial pilot and numerous other career paths. Investigate the various online aviation colleges if you are interested in online education, and request information so that you can choose the college and the program that fits your dream career.

Statistics quoted here were obtained from Inc. and America's Career InfoNet. Salaries can vary considerably from one region to another. Consult local aviation colleges and employers for up to date information on current salary ranges in your area. Always investigate the academic record of colleges and schools that you are considering to ensure that they offer the quality of education you want.

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