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Military Aviation

Any military aviator like to know, and most of them are quite eager to learn about the history of his field and how it developed during the twentieth century. It is important for a military aviator to understand the development of its field. A talented military aviator who is thinking about the future of his career in the Air Force will want to learn as much as possible to those who went before him, as a military aviator who died a generation ago, and whose career took place two or three generations ago, has much to learn from its modern counterpart.

Related imageYes, Virginia, this is really important, or at least it should, someone who hopes to be a commander of the squadron, one day, exactly how campaigns were fought during the Second World War and even during the First World War. Knowing this first moment of creation has taken place, and relive the first time someone's idea of using planes to know where the enemy was, and understanding that the first time an enemy was observed to From the air, it has not been able to conceptualize what it is - it concentrates the mind of a modern commander on learning of his own abilities, and even their expansion. It may take more than ideas, he can learn to think about old ideas and ways to apply them to today's problems he will face, and he can be inspired by what the feeling problems that the chefs of the past have faced.

It allows a youngster to grow into his job because he will learn the stories and facts, but he will also feel the feelings that his long-dead peers. It is a psychological quality to someone becoming a pilot - and really, every driver is still to become a pilot, although he had his wings for forty years and more. Of course, it is important that the pilot will know that the stick is in a Spitfire, and how it differs from the paste in a P-51, but reading that the pilot suffered what he thought, what 'he felt when he first feelings were fired, or the first time he had to bail out of his job - the reading of those who preceded us felt we could help us prepare for the first time we will be challenged in the same way, and this kind of situation. Reading their books and stories brings us into contact with those who can teach us things we could not find easily without these books
This is not the same as mere curiosity. It is important to the growth of aviation personnel to learn about the world they occupy a small part, to a point in history.
Thus the many ways a military aviator can benefit by studying the history of their profession is, first, get the facts on how the air raids and the like have been conducted long ago, these ideas enable a modern military aviator to overcome his own fear, because he knows much worse than it was and how difficult it was to over come the problems earlier and solve them. If he knew how it felt to invent the first bomber, and how much harder it is for this generation than anything he has ever dealt with, it wins psychologically understand that, its so hard own job, others have been infinitely worse
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