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Groups of Aviation Enthusiast

Aviation is a kind of art that only a true aviator or an aviation enthusiast would appreciate. Basically they are 10 types of aviation enthusiast in this world :-

1) Aviators - Civil Aviation/commercial pilots/pilots/General Aviation/Cargo/Private/ Military/Fighters/Experimental/computer science experts/Mathematicians

2) Ground engineers - avionics experts/electrical/mechanical/aeronautical engineers/designers/architects/IFE experts

3) Aspiring pilots - young people who dream to become pilots for all sorts of personal reasons, some even already attending flight school

4) Aircraft spotters - those who are not aviators but are normal people who enjoy spotting planes then sitting at home with their gf's. sometimes even aviators are spotters too.

5) Diecast aircraft collectors - those who spend tons of their money to add into their collection, once started, you are addicted. From 1-1000 scale, to 1-500 scale, 1-400 scale, 1-200 scale, commercial aircraft models, or even military aircraft die cast models, WWII fighters

6) Aviation Collectors - other then die cast models, people who collects pins, safety cards and memorable items during their traveling such posters, pictures, aviation videos, cockpit videos, placards, stamps and other memorable items.

7) Travelers - people who just enjoy traveling by air and even give notes to the stewardess to pass on to the pilots to view the cockpit

8) RC players - people who even spend a fortune and play plane RCs

9) Flight Simmers - gamers who spends hours and hours with their Saitek Simming with real aircraft(like MS FSX)

10) Forumers - who wonder in different forums of aviation to seek knowledge on their interest, to learn how to fly(the basics), to nourish their interest in aviation, to meet other aviators or enthusiast, and to share knowledge(some pilots even have blogs that share their experience)

Which group are you in? A true aviation enthusiast will score at least 5 out of 10 from the above list.Welcome to the world of aviation.

Groups of Aviation Enthusiast Groups of Aviation Enthusiast Reviewed by Tesnime on May 07, 2019 Rating: 5

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