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Health Of Passengers In Aviation

Recently there has been some concern about the health of air travelers over long range flight. We would like to know what the Federal Aviation Administrator is doing to correct this situation. Many incidents of discomfort over long flights has come into the news, strange to note that it is gone unnoticed in Aviation history for a long time and even reports of the matter was never available in early aviation news either why?

One reason could be due to the advent of modern Aviation. Now that the Aviation safety is a major factor world wide the international civil aviation organism must look into the matter carefully. Nowadays in many countries Aviation and the role of government are inseparable if we forget about business aviation for the moment.
Perhaps the most vivid in our memories is the case of that young new bride. Who died due to a massive clotting of blood, this ought to have caused some awareness and concern. Commercial Aviation Safety authorities should have come under increased criticism.

More recently a stand by remedy has been proposed although what good it will do remains to be seen. They advise passengers to just get up and move about (walk up and down the aisle) once or twice while in flight but just imagine the chaos this is going to create, if suddenly all the passengers start getting up and going up and down. The captain is going to have a nasty time adjusting the centre of gravity of the air craft during the entire flight! Let new guidelines be set in the interest of the further of the Aviation industry.

Incidentally have the latest aircraft, including the a380 super jumbo and its American equivalent (B777 or B787) taken into account this problem. We would also have to consider the factor of aviation security where many passengers who would be nervous due to natural fears of danger could be mistaken for terrorists. All this is only going to make the Aviation Insurance people happier. As this would be their next chance to open a new series of policies in this regard. This is going to increase the cost of the ticket. How are Aviation authorities going to cope in the face of already increasing costs of Aviation fuel too?
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