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5 Skills You need to become a fashion designer

want to know how to become a successful fashion designer .if you've spent your formative years watching Project Runway , reading Vogue magazine and visiting fashion blogs . you're likely harboring a desire to follow in the footsteps of  fashion icons like Versace , but do you actually have what it takes to make it in the field .

many girls and young women dream of becoming fashion designers , but  it doesn't mean they're cut out for the profession with this list review,  the top skills needed to excel in the fashion world are you known for being artistic , do you have a unique sense of personal style or appreciate the fine arts music  and dance an innate sense of creativity  is extremely important in the fashion , world together artistry and imagination can give you the instant's necessary to turn raw materials into a beautiful finished product .

do you like to draw if so that's good news because you're going to need the skills, you pursue being a fashion designer strong drawing skills .

are a must in fashion as designers need  to be able to take a concept and get it  down on paper if you're laughing in this area you can take classes to practice drawing fall downs dresses pants, or  whichever garments you envision yourself designing .

fashion designers need not only the ability to draw but also a good eye for detail , for example how do you envision that pleats falling on his skirt or a blouse cinching at the waist , what about rushing rebels our embroidery , it is often the detail that makes a product unique , so this skill cannot be overlooked even if you're great at visualizing and drawing design requires a good sense of texture color and fabric.

 for example you'll need  to know whether a garment would work best in silk chiffon,  or another material, bill also need to know which combinations of colors will be most flattering on a piece of clothing.

 it is these differences that make a design stand out prior to the drawing face a good designer must have strong  visualization skills,  this enables her to translate ideas onto paper so that her colleagues have a sense of the look she's aiming for as they work toward a finished product .

now that you've reviewed this list ask  yourself if you think you have what it takes to be a designer you may excel in  some areas,  but mean working others don't  let that discourage you enroll in a fashion Institute or take classes at a two or four-year college to brush up on the skills you have,  and develop the ones you need to be a fashion designer

5 Skills You need to become a fashion designer 5 Skills You need to become a fashion designer Reviewed by Tesnime on June 28, 2019 Rating: 5

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