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Best Weight Loss Foods - Eat Real Food Your Body Craves

Ok, admit it, you want to lose weight but you are afraid that you will need to change the way you eat will be impossible. You are probably thinking you need to live off carrot sticks and celery as the best weight loss foods.

What if I told you that you could still eat the foods that still make you feel like a human? Foods that make you feel full and not getting hunger pains half an hour after eating. It is true, in fact you may not even stray that far from what you are currently eating. But the following will show you the best weight loss foods.

The way to do this is by eating smarter. Avoid all those empty calories. Learn to eat 6 times during the day. Three meals and three snacks. You are probably asking why are you telling me to eat more in frequency, I am trying to lose weight. Well, for starters, starving does not work. The only thing you accomplish is getting rid of water weight and teaching your body to function on lower caloric intakes. In turn this lowers your metabolism. Your metabolism is the key to burning fat. By eating with this much frequency you are making your body work at digesting food and also burning calories at the same time.

So what are some of these best weight loss foods? Well for breakfast you can have whole grain bread, fruit, eggs, yogurt, oatmeal or whole grain cereals. A mid morning snack can be a smoothie, some nuts piece of fruit or peanut butter on celery. An afternoon snack can consist of some more nuts and some fruit, yogurt and berries. For dinner try any type of lean meat or fish. The lean meat can be red or white. Obviously use common sense, don't make a meal that includes a rich sauce or anything fried. Add to dinner with some green vegetables and whole grain rice. For an evening snack, have your favorite ice cream, as long as it is low fat.
Best Weight Loss Foods - Eat Real Food Your Body Craves Best Weight Loss Foods - Eat Real Food Your Body Craves Reviewed by Tesnime on June 05, 2019 Rating: 5

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