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Discover the Types of Pilot Certification You Can Get

Expanding your knowledge in any field is a good thing. This is particularly true if you want to expand your current pilots license.

There are several different levels that you can strive for. Here are some of various levels starting from the top and working down.

FAA examiner 

Here you are in a position to determine who is going to get any of their Pilots licenses.

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Pilot for Airline Transportation 

You will need to be at least 23 years old, with 500 hours of cross country flying and 100 nights of flying. These are just the highlights and there are several more requirements.

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Flight Instructors (certified) 

These are the individuals that you find at the accredited training schools that teach the student pilots. The age requirement is 18 and over and hold their commercial license as well as other requirements.

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Pilots that fly Commercially 

Includes have 250 of flying experience with a variety of responsibilities attached to this hours including some command piloting and cross country. The pilots in this category that have reached all of the criteria can be paid for their services.

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Private Pilots 

Most likely this is the one that you may be interested in if you have held your recreational license especially. Its the next step up for you once you have out grown the things that you can do with your current license. You have to have 20 hours of flying on your own, plus 20 hours where you had instruction, then a mix of 30 hours of both theory and practical. You will have many more privileges with this license.

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Ratings for Instruments. 

There are some add ons that you can utilize in your pilots training that give you even more privileges. These are instrument rating instructions for example. You can fly in more adverse weather conditions if you have included this in your training. Another point you must remember is that there are altitude rules as well. With the rating training you can go above 18,000 feet.

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Naturally going for this type of training is going to demand more time, money and effort on your part. You will have to acquire an addition 50 hours of flying as being in charge for the cross country segment of the training. There are several other segments to this training as well. You must keep your application of what you learn up to date.
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