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How Important is Health in Life?

All of us are aware of how important being healthy is, yet we ignore our health in our yearning for success and thus, happiness. Has health taken a backseat in these times of adrenaline-rushing rat races? It seems so if you look at the condition and ailments of people around. Rarely do you see someone without a single ailment. Be it high blood pressure, blood sugar, obesity, heart disease, headache, body ache, or fatigue, all of us are affected by one or more of health concerns, and yet we are least concerned. Why do we fail to understand the importance of health in our lives?

What is health?
The dictionary defines health as the state of being free from diseases of any kind. Health is, however, more than that. Health refers to your overall well-being - physical, mental, and psychological. So, while you may not have a diagnosed disease, if you have frequent headaches, you have poor health. Many factors like this indicate bad health. Stress, physical and mental fatigue, frequent loss of temper and exasperation also indicate bad health.

What poor health means?
Poor health affects not only your body but also your mind. While pain is the reason for much of the agony, the psychological affects of ill health are not less. Bad health causes weakness and pain along with misery. It hinders with your daily life, causing your work to suffer. Even petty health concerns can affect your performance, efficiency, and productivity at work. Ill health also causes mood swings, thus along with making you feel miserable, it makes the life of your family, friends, and fellow-workers difficult

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