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How to Become Famous

in case you haven't noticed , there's never been a better time to become famous, new celebrities are cropping up on an almost daily basis, thanks in part to the internet and reality TV in this Article we'll show you how to identify your talent, get organized and get yourself out there, so you can become the famous person ,you always knew you could be.

step 1 identify your skill

 the first  part of this process is to determine  what you're actually good at,  and what you want to be famous.

for do you have a great voice do you want,  to become a model is acting your thing do you like making films are you a great artist, or photographer, if you don't know ask your friends, and family.

do not try to become famous for something you're not good at,  because then you'll be a flash in the  pan and you can't build a career on that.

step 2 decide how you'll get yourself out there 

if you're a singer, you might want to put yourself on YouTube, if you're a photographer start on Instagram, if you're a writer start a blog, if you're a big personality type person make youtube videos, and register on reality TV show, casting sites we've listed a few once  you've established this get in the regular habit, of creating great content and putting it out there. this is thepart of becoming famous where you have  to stick to it.

step 3 get organized set your website and social media up

properly when you go viral you want to be prepared and organized for the many requests and offers , that will come your way, the surest way not to become famous, is to be disorganized, and not follow up with people who want to give you opportunities.
so make sure everything is clean and organized there are no broken links and that it's very clear how to get in touch with you by a Twitter email, or other, means we've included links for setup guides below do not skip this step.

step 4  make something viral 

once you've decided  what you're good at gotten some practice with getting yourself out there, and madesure your network is set up properly, you'll want to create something that gets people's attention what can you learn from this does it give you any ideas this step is going to require some trial and error, so you're gonna want to be in the habit of creating something every single day. 

step 5 don't give up 

you know you have talent it's just a matter of getting the rest of the world to notice keep creating a  networking be patient and give up that's it for today's 

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