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What is Good Health and Overall Fitness Worth?

Okay have you ever heard this "when I was younger I could do that." Have you ever seen a 10 year old that had a problem walking up two to three flights of stairs? People what are we letting happen not only to us but to the people that we say we love and care for. When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? When you look at your our level of fitness is it where you really believe it is where it should be at for your age. Are you making excuses for your lack of physical fitness? Are you doing anything to improve you? In all of my writing, I use the word balance. The reason is that you have to be balanced in order to be a whole person.

A whole person is person who is rounded. To get balanced we should look at the following parts of you the mental you, spiritual you, physical you, financial you, family you, food you, exercising you. Look at it like this you have a house. If your house has a weak foundation and you knew it was a weak foundation would you be comfortable living in that house. You are a house; you are a temple; how is your foundation? How is your walls, floors, plumbing, electrical, doors, windows, ceilings, roof etc? Did you notice that I did not ask about your paint? The paint is important there are other areas that need major repair and some need to be worked on now. The paint is not important if the walls are falling and the lights are not working. You should always take care of the important things first. First things first is always the way to live. These are the things we should remember are the most important.

My experience is that most people put the cosmetics first and make excuses for why the other things are not done. Cosmetics will not fix problems they are makeup. You know the food you see on TV for advertisements cannot be eaten the reason is because of the cosmetics but it does look great. People if you keep putting off the important stuff you are setting yourself up to fail. I am not going to go into what failure is as it can have different means to everyone. My main point here is that these types of failures are major ones to you and those that you care about in your life. Take good care of you is a primary goal. I believe that this it very important. Your health is worth more than your house, car, bank balance or your status. You can go out to dinner and eat one meal that cost you $120 or more. Yet many will not spend that amount on their most priceless item you have one life. Life is about living it is not about watching others live their lives. Get up and get active. The day to start is now. The time to start is now. The person to start is you. You are your best investment; you are your best asset there are many people counting on you.

We were on-line and there was a woman in Baltimore that is 71 years young; this lady is very intelligent, very sharp, very attractive, had the body and fitness of a twenty year old she is in great physical condition. This did not happen by accident. This woman is amazing and this woman is a great role model to us all. Now back to you and your house (mind and body) are there any weakness in your foundation or any part of your structure. It is not about your age it is about you and your life. What is amazing about you? This woman also clearly loves her self. This is clear by her actions.

What is Good Health and Overall Fitness Worth? What is Good Health and Overall Fitness Worth? Reviewed by Tesnime on June 06, 2019 Rating: 5

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